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The hotel smells ... a fresh bread!

Sleep and enjoy a warm freshly baked bread, Can there be anything better?

After 11 years installed in the hotel market, we specialize and open our own bakery !!
Imagine the situation: Waking up to the smell of fresh bread, down the stairs, enter our restaurant CAMALOTE, sit on the balcony and look at our waterfront and beach SAN JOSE, and enjoy a black coffee with chipitas and aroma of our bread fresh from the oven. This is what must feel all staying at "COAST HOTEL", this makes ofreciésemos customers not only the feeling of "feel at home" but the fact of living an experience to "please everyone the senses".-

We offer a variety of breads flavored with garlic, olives, oregano, raisins, seeds, whole, with cheese, lactal, country bread, grissines, bread and focaccia felipe; plus croissants, croissants and pastries secas.-

You expect to spend to try!

Open to all age groups!